Southern Oregon Media Group Launches eGreen Email Newsletter

Medford, OR - The race is on to save planet earth!  That’s why Southern Oregon Media Group have decided to bring you eGreen, an email newsletter highlighting local and national environmental happenings and ideas to help you transform your life and your environment.

This free weekly newsletter is delivered every week and is filled with informative stories about what’s going on our environment today. eGreen provides easy, practical tips to help on the  quest to ‘go green’ in home, offices and communities. Taking care of the environment means more than just recycling; it’s over 300 million citizens realizing the importance that preserving the environment is every person’s responsibility.

“Our media groups pay a significant amount of attention to environmental and sustainability issues across a wide variety of content categories. Our audiences are demonstrating a clear interest in this coverage, whether the stories are about removing dams from rivers, preserving open space, local governments trimming budgets via greener operations, or simply listing the times and places of a growing number of farmers’ markets sprouting up in the communities we cover,”

Mr. Polay noted, adding, “Our advertisers also are increasing the amount of green messaging and product announcements in their campaigns. One of our primary goals as a media company is to connect audience segments and interests with advertisers, and the eGreen newsletter provides us with an ideal means of connecting those two groups.”

Sign up for eGreen today and start a journey toward a greener life for you and a better life for our planet.