Dow Jones Local Media Group to Launch Local Deals Product in SouthCoast Massachusetts

New Bedford, MA

SouthCoast Media Group (SCMG) a division of Dow Jones Local Media Group (DJLMG) today announced that it will launch an online deals program, Limelight Deals, which will feature savings of 50 percent or better on items and services offered by local businesses.

SouthCoast Media Group plans to solicit deals from restaurants, spas, sports adventures, lodging, car maintenance and other ventures that have proved successful in the online coupon market.

To receive these deals, issued several times a week, readers must sign up for e-mail alerts at Limelight Deals. Those who sign up before SCMG’s first "live deals" in late July will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 Gift Card.

Limelight Deals will be similar to Groupon or LivingSocial: After signing up, participants will regularly receive offers by e-mail. Deals can be purchased online, and the customer takes the coupon to the retailer or restaurant where it is honored. A benefit that Limelight Deals has over those other, nationally-reaching programs is that the deals offered are truly local. Through decades of relationships with businesses, charitable organizations, Chambers of Commerce and prominent citizens, SCMG understands what their readers like to buy and what deals will fit their needs as well as which trusted businesses will fit those needs. Those who sign up will find a deal they can use that day, right in their own SouthCoast Community.

“We are excited and pleased to help connect local shoppers in search of great values and local advertisers offering great deals,” said SouthCoast Media President and Publisher Peter Meyer. “It is part of our commitment to help our customers – local consumers and local merchants – to connect and thrive in the digital age.”

Limelight Deals will feature discounts of 50 percent to 90 percent. There will be a limited time or number of days that deals will be active. When enough participants purchase the deal that day, the deal will "tip" or become active. There will also be a maximum number of people who can get the deal. Participants can help the deal "tip" by getting friends, co-workers and family members to join in, and by doing so, earn extra rewards.

Sean Polay is the director of deals/mobile within Dow Jones Local Media Group, and SCMG is the second of the company's eight media groups to launch this type of product, which Polay said is a natural fit for the newspaper and media group.

"We believe we are best situated to help our local business partners reach new local customers," he said. "The advantage we have over national companies is we interact every day with both local businesses and our readers. We can facilitate connections between those two groups better than anyone. Commercial content — both advertisements and coupons touting special offers to connect local businesses with new potential customers — has long been the lifeblood of a community media company. Launching Limelight Deals is a natural next step for us, allowing us to bring a traditional business forward to a new array of media: e-mail newsletters, social media, mobile devices and more."

“Limelight Deals provides a valuable new service for consumers and merchants here in SouthCoast,” says Meyer. “We can do something that none of the national digital coupon sites can do: connect the local merchant with products to offer with local consumers who want to buy those products. We know our market like no one else because we live and work in that market.”